Who We Are


Raynette is currently the President and C.E.O. of C&J.  She joined C&J in June of 1990 as the Administrative Manager in charge of everything from customer billing to employee benefits. 

Her goal when she came to C&J was to streamline the company that had many departments; Sales, Technical, Customer Service, Message Center, Accounts Receivables/Payables and Administration, too many chiefs and not enough indians.  This process took 3 very tough years.  In the end C&J ended up with three departments; Sales, Customer Service and Administration.

In 1994, Raynette became part owner of C&J and was in charge of all Departments.   To help her in running the business, she was fortunate enough to have hired her children. Renee, Regi and Ryan helped in the management of the company.  With their help, she was able to concentrate on growing and diversifying the company.

1997 was a pivotal year for C&J as well as her.  That year she became the owner of C&J with many obstacles to overcome.  For a period of 8 years, many closets were cleaned of lots of cobwebs and she can truly say that by the grace of God they endured it all.

C&J Telecommunications has become a Full Service Company; Call Center for both Commercial and Medical around the world, Order Taking and Fulfillment Service and Medical Billing.  Adding to the list of many things that we do, Raynette started Paradise Baskets providing amenity baskets and gift baskets throughout the year. 

Her daughter, Renee, through the help of Bubble Tea Supply, has added another division to C&J, Bobalicious.   This company provides fund raising, trade show and party opportunities to those who enjoy our delicious “boba” drinks. 

C&J definitely has grown over the years and Raynette looks forward to bigger and better things in the future.


Renee joined C&J Telecommunications in July of 1999 as a part-time operator, while going to college full time, majoring in Psychology. 

From part-time to full-time, she became the Night Shift Supervisor of what was then called the “Message Center”.  Over the years Renee thrived in our “Message Center” building a rapport with our customers.  She has been promoted several times over the years working closely with our customers determining the best service for them.

Today, Renee is our Chief Operations Officer with the responsibility of the Call Center, oversees our Fulfillment, Medical Billing and Customer Service Departments.  Besides all of this, she finds time to do Sales work for C&J.

Her early experiences with C&J and our Call Center have enabled her to help C&J grow to where we are today. And if she had her way, she would still be the Night Shift Supervisor!


Regi is the Chief Financial Officer at C&J Telecommunications.  Having been with the company since 1994, Regi is responsible for the day-to-day finances of the company, maintaining a healthy business relationship and great rapport with the financial institutions C&J does business with, our customers as well as our vendors.

Our equipment; Amtelco’s Infinity is also maintained by Regi, from the individual work stations in our Call Center to the network server and its’ peripherals, to our back-up system.

Regi also does Sales and works hand-in-hand with all departments to determine how best to service our customers.


Vanessa is our Fulfillment Coordinator.  Starting in the Call Center in 2004, she has worked every shift and has adapted well in each environment C&J has needed her.

The responsibilities of the Fulfillment Coordinator is great and Vanessa has taken on that task.  Inventory tracking, product knowledge, invoicing, customer interaction, are just few aspects of  her daily duties.  With no formal training in computers, certain software or accounting programs,  Vanessa has learned quickly and continues to grow in her job and personally.


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